Dayton Says He Won’t Trim Budgets to Pay for MnLars


Governor Mark Dayton says the state needs money to fix a disastrous roll-out of a so-called upgrade to the State Vehicle Licensing and Registration System – MnLARS – but not at the expense of other state agencies.

Speaking to Republican Leaders at their breakfast meeting yesterday, Governor Dayton said he would veto a proposed State House measure that would require he trim state agency budgets to free up $10 million to continue fixing the the troubled system.

House Republican leaders say taxpayers shouldn’t have to pick up the cost of fixing a problem Dayton admitted is his responsibility, but the governor says they may not have a choice.

On the other hand, Dayton says the Senate version of the bill is acceptable.

It is up to both chambers to work together to resolve a funding package in a Compromise Committee.


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