The Thief River Falls City Council meets tonight in Regular Session and once again it is the Consent Agenda that has caught the attention of News Director Key Teeters.

The “Consent Agenda” is offered in one motion and passed without discussion, traditionally including routine or small ticket items, but more and more, resolutions on the consent agenda are involving significant dollars, even new policy.

That includes Per Diem compensation for council member attendance at committee, advisory board and ad hoc meetings, estimated at $13,000 next year, on last month’s Consent Agenda, and tonight two items, each valued at more than $18,000.
The first at the request of the Public Works Committee to spend just over $18,000 to purchase a third of an acre from Greenwood LLC in the Gilbert Industrial Park to create better alignment on Greenwood Street West and clear the way for new development.
The second, $18,600 to purchase a new Voice Over IP Telephone System, linking all city departments. The new system would replace the old, offering direct inward dial, unlimited long distance and auto attendants with monthly cost savings.

New business tonight will deal with the upcoming construction season and 2018 Street and Utility Improvements.

Tonight’s meeting beginning at 5:30 at City Hall, the Historic Soo Line Depot.



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