Winter Weather Wrecks Plans Across the State


The Minnesota Twins were postponed by a foot of snow, the Winnipeg Jets were stranded on the runway in Duluth and the State Patrol reported more than a thousand vehicles off the road in the weekend Blizzard that shut down central and southern Minnesota.

While it was a weather event that kept most people off the roads; a certain Thief River Falls City Council Woman was determined to beat the odds and made it home one friend richer and none the worse for wear.

5th Ward Council Woman Rachel Prudhomme was in the Twin Cities for a Governor’s Task Force meeting, ready to catch her Boutique Airlines flight back to Thief River Falls Saturday, when Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport was shut down by a massive April Snow Storm.

No travel advised but a call to Ryan Walseth at Bergan Travel, and the two were soon northbound, Prudhomme behind the wheel of a rented Jeep.

Prudhomme describes the drive home as “dicey” including an accident at the edge of the cities that shut down the southbound lanes of I-94, but the weather cleared at Alexandria and it was clear sailing the rest of the way as the tenacious two made it safely back to the weather free northwest corner of the state dropped off the Jeep at the Avis Terminal in Grand Forks.


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