Three Treated for CO Poisoning in Thief River Falls


Three people were taken by ambulance to Sanford Hospital in Thief River Falls this morning after being overcome by Carbon Monoxide in their home on Hanson Drive.

Fire Chief Marty Semanko says property owners called 911 right around 6:30am, when they woke experiencing severe headache and nausea. Police and ambulance responded with Fire Fighters called after emergency workers arrived at the home.

Chief Semanko says CO readings inside the residence were very high, and would have been fatal within a couple of hours. The initial investigation shows the chimney from the home’s gas boiler failed; the toxic, odorless gas leaking into the residence through an attached garage.

Chief Semanko says the building was not equipped with Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

The home was cleared and a service specialist called in. As far as the health of the family, no condition report was immediately available.


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