Tax Court Rules in Enbridge Favor; Local Tax Payers on the Hook for Millions


Millions in refunds owed with local taxpayers on the hook, after the Minnesota Department of Revenue over charged Enbridge Energy on property tax assessments all across the listening area.

That was the ruling of the Minnesota Tax Court this week after Enbridge challenged the valuation of pipeline in thirteen Northern Minnesota Counties, including; Marshall, Pennington, Kittson, Red Lake, Polk and Beltrami.

Pennington County Commissioner, Neil Peterson, says the refund estimate in Pennington County alone is 4.9 million, with the expectation the StateĀ  will pay, or help pay, for the overcharge.

The Tax Court ruled Enbridge pipeline property – across all counties – was over-valued by more than 3 billion dollars from 2012 to 2014, resulting in over-payment of property tax assessments by some 20 million dollars – money that must now be refunded to the company.

The State Department of Revenue does plan an appeal, but it doesn’t stop there, with a second suit still to be heard.

Enbridge, for their part, says they do not “plan any immediate action,” with another appeal pending, and plan to work “with each county if needed at the appropriate time.”

In other business; the Minnesota Senate last night passed companion legislation to authorize construction of Enbridge Legacy Line #3 in the listening area with the legislation soon on its way to the Governor’s Desk, where Mark Dayton has threatened a veto.

That legislation was authored by Representative Dan Fabian of Roseau in the House, with the signature of Senator Mark Johnson, of East Grand Forks – in the Senate.


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