Motorists / MnDOT Challenged By “Long’s Bridge Shortcut”


Rain may dampen the start of week three in the 8th Street Construction Zone this morning, with residents and contractors alike challenged by a stretch of gravel on a local “short cut” that is not standing up well to increased and heavy traffic.

There is good news and bad this morning concerning the Long’s Bridge Shortcut; connecting Dewey Avenue on the West with Northeast Neighborhoods to the east.
Pennington County Engineer, Mike Flaagen, says Long’s Bridge is constructed to industrial standards; and can handle the semi and increased motor traffic without damage, but traffic on the 1 mile gravel stretch beyond the bridge has increased from 250 to 2000 vehicles daily. Flagaan says that has made maintenance on the road difficult – MnDOT has installed dust control and are “blading” the gravel daily, but the route remains very rough this morning.

Our News Room drove the route early this morning and found that was also true of crossings that intersect 8th Street, including Dewey – and on Atlantic; the intersection that filled with a foot of water following heavy rain Saturday.

Weather Permitting; contractors estimate three more weeks of construction before moving to Highway #1 east of the 8th Street Bridge.

Meanwhile; the posted detour north of Thief River Falls; Highway #32 and the MEC Ball Park Road, via Marshall County #2 – is some 12 miles of inconvenience, but is the route approved by the State Department of Transportation as the safest to handle the heavy daily traffic.


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