Enbridge Plans to Remove Original Line As Part of Replacement Project


With oral arguments before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission next week and deliberations June 26th and 27th, Enbridge Energy is advising the PUC they have a plan to remove the original line as part of the Legacy Line #3 Replacement.

The original plan was to leave the original line untouched, laying the new line along-side existing pipe through Northwest Minnesota. Late last week, however, Enbridge wrote the Commission, saying the company will now remove the old pipe at the request of right-of-way property owners.

Enbridge promises to make good on the offer; with 90 days to purge oil from the old line after the new line is in service, and another year to remove pipeline no longer in use.

The replacement of Legacy Line #3 would cross 3 hundred 37 miles from Kittson to Carlton County; carrying 760,000 barrels of oil daily to refineries in Superior.

Earlier this year the administrative law judge assigned to the project recommended replacement, but without the new route permit.


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