Rebirth of Fountain in June/Wine Walk in July


A Thief River Falls Women’s Club will host a community dedication later this month; marking the rebirth of a much loved City-Park-Feature; destroyed by vandals.

The New Zehlian Water Fountain in Elks Park, across from City Hall – will be dedicated June 21st.

Nancy Tofte with the Zehlians, appeared this week before the Thief River Falls City Council, to say they are moving ahead with repairs and a new look for the fountain, with water serenely gurgling over boulder and rock formations within the original basin.

Tofte says it was “heartbreaking” to see the vandalism two years ago but wonderful to restore the structure, set in the center of the Elks Park Rose Garden.

Repairs will be funded in part with a bequest from the Beito Foundation, with pending grant funding and Tofte says they also are continuing to take individual donations.

Also highlighting the downtown this summer, Tofte announced the Second Annual Zehlian Art and Wine Walk, scheduled with an additional hour this year; July 26th from 5 until 8pm.


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