Jail Portion of Justice Center Nears Completion


A multi-million dollar construction project nears completion in down town Thief River Falls.

The Pennington County Board of Commissioners were provided with an update on the new Justice Center as crews continue working on the project which will combine courthouse, law enforcement and corrections, under one roof.

Pennington County Sheriff Ray Kuznia says they expect to be housing inmates as early as July. He says his staff nearly ready. Kuznia, and Contegrity Group construction manager Pete Filippi asked the Board Tuesday to approve change orders to put the “finishing touches” on the jail portion of the Justice Center.

Filippi says change orders, approved by the Board will provide efficiency for court staff and additional safety for jail staff.

Filippi says crews are trying to get the first phase of the jail completed in order to transfer inmates. He says work will continue on the exterior of the building after the jail portion is completed.

Following a planned trial of jail functionality, Filippi says the State Department of Corrections will be taking a close look at the facility with an inspection.

Filippi says work on the court side of the building is going well. He says a lot has moved ahead over the last couple weeks. Adhering to the original schedule has been something of a problem for crews since construction first began. The earliest delays for the project started after trouble with permits from State offices.

Fillippi says another update to County commissioners is expected next month.


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