Fine Tuning the “Under-Cutter” as CP Rail Attempts Repairs to Prevent Crossing Gate Malfunction in Thief River Falls


They were still trying to work through the technical precision yesterday, but Hulcher Services says they are going to give it their best when it comes to clearing “soft soils” that are at the heart of the crossing gate problem in Thief River Falls.

Lee Wilson is with the private contractor; out of Denton, Texas, and News Director Key Teeters caught up with the crew as things got under way at Tuesday near Nora Avenue.

Technicians say they believe it is “soft soil” that is interfering with rail electronics, causing crossing gates in Thief River Falls to malfunction in high moisture or heavy rain.

Wilson says they’ll be here as long as CP Rail needs them and that could be a while, with Hulcher Services expected to work underneath the track from Nora all the way to 8th ..


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