Reinbold Trial in Recess Today


The trial is expected to continue Friday in the case of an Oklee Area Man who has plead innocent to federal charges of possession of unregistered destructive devices.

Eric Reinbold, 41, is on trial in Federal District Court with proceedings overseen by Newfolden Native and Federal District Court Judge John Tunheim.

Reinbold has been in federal custody, held without bond since January after the courts deemed him a flight risk. The Jury Trial began Monday in Fergus Falls.

Federal Prosecutors have been focusing on evidence in the case; Five pipe bombs and alleged bomb making materials found at a family hunting cabin last October, and a notebook found in a search of Reinbold’s Pennington County home. The document is said to detail survivalist style instructions in bomb making and home-grown revolution – and appears to target the IRS, teachers, law enforcement, churches and wealthy Americans.

Defense attorneys have argued against allowing some portions of the notebook as irrelevant, with the potential to “wildly inflame the jury.” Prosecutors have argued to maintain the entire document in evidence, saying it shows intent.

Judge Tunheim has ruled some portions of the document will be available to the jury without detailing specifics.

Prosecutors and Defense continued to present their case this week, with the case expected to go to the jury as early as tomorrow.


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