Update; TRF Stabbing Suspect Charged in Court Appearance this Morning


Update; Adding Criminal Complaint:

A Thief River Falls man made his Initial Appearance this morning in Pennington County District Court, charged with Attempted Murder and Assault following a stabbing that led to a police stand-off Sunday at an apartment complex on 8th Street West in Thief River Falls.

32 year old Shane Williams is charged with Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Assault, Domestic Assault by Strangulation and Endangerment of a Child following the stabbing that sent a female victim to the hospital with multiple wounds.

What follows details the effort of Law Enforcement to take Williams into custody, and the statement of witnesses and victims as outlined by investigators in the Criminal Complaint filed today by Assistant County Attorney Kristin Hanson with the Pennington County Court Administrator’s Office ..

That I am an Officer with the Thief River Falls Police Department and as such, have learned the following information: On July 29, 2018, at approximately 5:19 p.m, Officers were dispatched to 530 8th Street West in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, on a report of a dog bite. An ambulance was also dispatched to the scene. Sgt. Doug Williams, Officer Ryan Bassett and Officer Ben Tureson, arrived on the scene prior to the ambulance and were advised by a witness named Daniel Kaushagen, that it was not a dog bite, but that someone had been stabbed. Kaushagen also stated the victim had already left in a vehicle hea to the Sanford ER. Officer Tureson asked Kaushagen who stabbed the victim, in which he stated, “the guy that is still inside the apartment”. Kaushagen then stated the apartment is on the right hand side two doors down and pointed out the apartment to the Officers, Kaushagen also told Officers that the subject possibly still had a knife.

At that point, Officer Tureson knocked on Apt. #3 with no one coming to the door. Officer Tureson opened the door and announced his presence. Officer Tureson then heard a male say something from inside a bedroom, to which the door was closed. At that point Officer Tureson advised the subject to exit the bedroom without the knife, and his hands up, in which he stated he would not. Officer Tureson then did peak around the corner while standing in the doorway and noticed a large pool of blood in the kitchen area. Officers then asked the subject behind the door to come out again with his hands up in which he stated he would not be coming out. Officer Tureson then asked the subject his name and he stated his name was Shane Williams. Officer Tureson advised Williams to come out and talk with him to which he again denied coming out of the bedroom. Officer Tureson then asked if anyone else was hurt inside the apartment or in the bedroom, to which he stated, “no”. Officer Tureson asked Williams if he was hurt and he did not answer. Williams then said he was talking to his sister on the phone. Officer Tureson overheard him say to his sister that he loved her and he was going to be going down. At that point Sgt. Williams did come into the apartment with a 40 mm less lethal rifle and it was decided that Sgt. Williams would go around the house on the outside and look in the bedroom through the outside window. Officer Bassett and Sgt. Williams were outside while Deputy Dave Olson and Officer Tureson stayed inside the apartment. Officer Tureson then did hear Sgt. Williams and Officer Bassett yell, “put the knife down”, to which Williams did not comply. Officer Tureson then heard the 40 mm less lethal rifle go off and at that point did attempt to kick in the bedroom door which was being blocked by Williams. Officer Tureson pushed the door open enough where Deputy Olson could get a taser inside the door and at that point Deputy Olson deployed the taser in William’s leg. Shortly after Williams did fall forward. Officers were then able to gain access to the room where Deputy Olson and Officer Tureson placed Williams in handcuffs. Officer Tureson observed a large knife next to Williams on the floor that was covered in blood. Officer Tureson did grab the knife and placed it outside the room while they were handcuffing Williams. Officers observed Williams had blood all over his body and was bleeding from his head. Williams was able to stand up on his own and was escorted out and placed on a chair outside the apartment complex while the ambulance was in route. The ambulance did take a look at Williams and it was decided to transport Williams to the hospital.

Officer Bassett and Officer Tureson went to the ER and took a brief statement from the female victim in this case, hereinafter referred to as “XX.” and took some pictures. Statements were also taken from the 10 year old nephew and the 8 year old niece by Officer Andy Hart. During the statements, both kids indicated that they witnessed their Auntie get choked and stabbed by Williams.

On July 30, 2018, Investigator Marissa Adam took a taped statement from “XX.” “XX” stated that she was lying in her bed at her apartment when Williams came in and grabbed her face and stated. “look at me, why don’t my feelings matter?”. He then started to choke her. “XX” stated that she could not breathe and got light headed. The next thing she remembers is that her 10 year old nephew had come in the bedroom and was trying to pull Williams off of her. She then kicks him off of her and she tries to get up off of the bed. She
then throws the phone to her nephew and tells him to call the police. Williams then takes the phone from the nephew and pushes her back on the bed. He then starts choking her again. Her nephew jumps on his back and then falls off. “XX” yells for him to go get help and to take his sister with. The nephew won’t leave. Williams the says, “If I cannot love you, no ne else is going to.” He then stabs her in the left side twice. She hears her nephew scream and she then tells him to run to the neighbors to get help. Williams then grabs her hair, hits her in the head, and drags her to the kitchen. He then grabs some alcohol and pours it on her. She tells him to stop. He then states “no one will love you like I love you.” Williams then stabs her again on the right side. He then puts her in a headlock from behind and pulls her to the ground. Williams then gets on top of her and pours alcohol into her mouth. She then sees that he has the knife raised again. The neighbors then come in and pull her out of the kitchen and get her and the kids out of the house.

During the statement, “XX” also stated that she had been friends with Williams for many years as they were both from the same town in New Mexico. He had been in Thief River Falls living with her for approximately two months but there was no romantic relationship between the two. Text messages between the victim and Williams also did not indicate any romantic relationship between the two. The texts did indicate that Williams was clearly helping to take care of the nephew and niece.

Upon further investigation Officers learned that “XX” had undergone surgery on July 29, 2018 for the injuries she sustained from Williams.

It should be noted that Williams currently has a “body-only” warrant for his arrest out of the State of New Mexico for the allegation of Assault Against a Peace Officer and Aggravated Assault Against a Family Member.”



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