A resolution to a route change on a controversial pipeline project looked more probable this week, after tribal officials said they were willing to consider allowing replacement of Enbridge Legacy Line #3 on existing pipeline corridor.

The State Public Utilities Commission last month gave Enbridge and Fond du Lac Tribal Leaders two months to negotiate an agreement; either around or through the Reservation, to complete a Route Permit and Certificate of Need already approved by Commissioners.

In a letter yesterday to the PUC, Tribal Officials said they were open to “RSA-22;” a Route Segment Alternative, that would allow the replacement to proceed along existing corridor.

At the same time, Fond du Lac Officials admitted the Band will be adversely effected by either alternative, with their priority “protection and preservation of on and off reservation resources.”

Earlier this month Pennington County Officials received an update from Enbridge concerning Line #3 Replacement, including resolving the Fond du Lac Route and the completion of local, state and federal permits on the project.


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