News Director Key Teeters Goes Electric


It got a lot of attention at the Street Wizards Car Show Saturday in Thief River Falls and it was our Key to the City Feature yesterday.

A drive in the Northern Municipal Power Agency Electric Car, a full size, four person Chevy Bolt, demonstrating acceleration; zero to 60 in less than 7 seconds, and comfort, with no petroleum back-up.

News Director Key Teeters took a spin behind the wheel with Minnkota Spokeswoman Kaylee Cusack.

To mitigate some of the costs, Minnkota and the local power agency are offering a rebate of up to $500 to Electric Customers installing a “Garage Level 2 Charger;” although the car can be charged slowly on any 120 volt system; and quickly at any Direct Current Charging Station, found along most major transportation routes and locally at West Side Motors in Thief River Falls.
Cusack says electric car owners need to plan ahead to avoid getting stranded, with more power used when the air conditioner is “blasting,” or the heater during cold Minnesota Winters.

In addition to the rebate, customers can also take advantage of off-peak rates with more information available on line at

And you can see our test drive for yourself; on our TRF Radio Facebook Page.


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