Safety Reminder Issued, Popular Costumes Hallowe’en 2018


In case your calendar is broken, get ready for tricks and treats because it’s October 31st.

Hallowe’en is a contraction of Hallows’ Evening. It’s also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve. It’s marked by throwing on a costume and getting candy ready for distribution. It’s not too late to put up some spooky decorations, or carve a pumpkin. Tonight, you can attend an Halloween bash, or have a quiet night watching a scary movie.

Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain (sow-een). Children began trick or treating in the US back in the 1930’s.

This years popular costumes include everything to Coco to The Incredibles to Black Panther and Star Wars. The small screen is not left out of the fray, according to the website pop-sugar, Daniel Tiger costumes and looks inspired by various Fornite characters are popular among children. The video game has also proved a popular choice for adults hopping into the costume fun. Other favorites for the kids at heart include Bonnie and Clyde couples costumes and a the royally inspired look of Dutchess Meghan Markle.

The Minnesota State Patrol is out with a timely Halloween safety reminder:
State Patrol Lieutenant Tiffani Nielson says “put your cell phones down, children will be running across the street, sometimes in dark clothing, and obviously, nobody wants to get into any type of deadly encounter with anybody–especially a child.”

Nielson is also reminding Halloween party goers to plan ahead for a sober ride.

There were 12 fatalities in the state October 31st, 2017, three of which were drunk driving-related.


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