Last Day to Vote in Midterm Election


It’s election day.

Early voter turnout in Minnesota has been at record levels for a mid-term. Secretary of State Steve Simon says in the last mid-term election–2014, the state had around a 51% turnout rate.

The North Dakota Secretary of State says this years election has produced the largest number of early-voter ballots ever in the state. As of yesterday, nearly 145,000 early ballots had been received. The last election to break North Dakota early voting records was the 2012 presidential election, when 136,685 early ballots were received.

The now familiar “I Voted” sticker traces roots back to current Ramsey County elections chief Joe Mansky who, in 1993, was assigned the task of creating the sticker while working in the office of then Secretary of State Joan Growe.

The stickers were rolled out first for the state primary in 1994.


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