Governor Elect Walz on Gun Control and Gas Tax.


Governor-elect Tim Walz says it will be his responsibility to break up political gridlock in the State house.

Minnesota has the country’s only split Legislature, and Walz said yesterday he plans to take it upon himself to work with legislative leaders to avoid gridlock. He has reached out to leaders on both sides of the aisle to discuss their priorities.

Walz says he’ll propose a gas tax increase in his first budget next year. He did not say how much of a gas tax increase he’ll propose, noting there are “key partners…and stakeholders that have not been brought to the table.”

Walz is also pushing for universal background checks on gun purchases: “It’s just too many of those. We need to try taking some actions that the science behind this shows that we can make some reductions.”

The governor-elect says he’s “very interested” in giving judges authority to issue protective-orders that restrict firearms purchases.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is noncommittal at this point on possible measures to lessen gun control:


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