2017 Pennington County Audit “Performed In Accordance With Professional Standards In All Material Respects.”


Commissioners got an update on county audits last week at their regular meeting in downtown Thief River Falls.

According to a letter from Certified Public Accounts firm Abdo, Eick & Meyers, their firm reviewed 2017 financial statements and working papers for Pennington County. Colleen Hoffman from Hoffman Philipp & Knutson reported to Pennington County Commissioners Tuesday, that there were no problems with the 2017 audit. She says that the results of a state audit showed that it was “fairly stated in all material respects.”

The letter says that there were “a few minor missing disclosures” noted in their review. However, Hoffman points out that “the most important piece of information” on the limited distribution letter is a sentence on the second page that states, “We concluded that each audit was performed in accordance with professional standards in all material respects.”

Hoffman says the biggest item in 2017 was the Justice Center, and that her firm is ready to start the 2018 audit. She says she has been in contact with new State Auditor Julie Blaha. She reported to commissioners Tuesday, that the 6 firms that conduct county audits in Minnesota are scheduled to meet with the new auditor, May 8th.

Hoffman says she does not believe the State Auditors Office will order a re-do of the 2016 audit, but says it is a possibility.


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