Thousands of Motorcycle Enthusiasts To Take Place In Unofficial Start of Minnesota Riding Season


Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts are expected to take place in the unofficial start of the Minnesota riding season.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, the “Spring Flood Run” is scheduled for tomorrow. The route takes riders along the scenic Mississippi and Saint Croix Valley roadways between the Twin Cities and Winona. To ensure a safe riding environment, law enforcement agencies in Minnesota will have patrols out this weekend.

According to a report from the MNDPS, motorists should use extra caution this weekend, and look twice, with thousands of motorcyclists riding on Minnesota roads. The MNDPS Motorcycle Safety Center advises motorists to give riders plenty of room and to check blind spots.

Riders should take safety into their own hands as well. The DPS says as the April snow melts, snow run-off is still freezing at night in many parts of the state. Pavement remains uneven, with sand and gravel at intersections and curves. They advise riders to be prepared for inattentive drivers, and to wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet, and brightly colored clothing. They recommend taking a training course before the hitting the road this season.

Never drink and drive and always monitor your speed.


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