Our Newsroom today received a call about a potential telephone scam involving funds to support what may be a bogus fire fighting effort.

Pennington County Sheriff Ray Kuznia has reported to our newsroom that he received a call from a suspicious person around 10 AM, from a man claiming to be from something called the “Fire Fighter Support Alliance out of Alexandra, Virginia.” He says when he identified himself as sheriff, the caller hung up on him. The Sheriff says if you receive a call, should hang up on that person. He reminds residents to never send money to strangers over the telephone. He added that if you’re feeling generous, local and area fire departments can always use additional funds.

The Sheriff says Thief River Falls Fire Chief Marty Semanko has been may aware of the situation.

In other Fire Department news, yesterday was their annual re-certification day for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting, with training ARFF Specialists at the Thief River Falls Regional Airport.


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