Commissioners have approved a realignment project and abandonment of ditches to a new Watershed ditch system in Pennington County.

County Board Chair Bruce Lawrence closed the regular commissioners meeting Tuesday immediately after the Pledge of Allegiance, to open the Pennington County Drainage Authority Hearing. Designers and Red Lake Watershed District Administrator Myron Jesme were on hand to answer questions.

Under the proposed 3.5 million dollar plan, County Engineer Mike Flaagan says County Ditches 70 and 1 will be realigned, and meet at County State Aid Highway 16. He says a new box culvert will cross County Road Seven. Flaagan said at the meeting Tuesday that the area experiences flooding after just 3 or 4 inches of rain.

Flaagan says the project is funded by grants from the State, the Red River Watershed District, the Red Lake Watershed, totaling 3 million dollars, and by Pennington County taxpayers.


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