Statewide Blue Alert System Test Scheduled for Thursday


A statewide test has been scheduled for the Blue Alert System.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the statewide test is scheduled to take place this Thursday at 1:10PM.

Thursday’s test and future actual Blue Alert will be distributed in several ways including email, text message and/or fax to Minnesota media and subscribers to the Minnesota Crime Alert Network, also electronic highway message signs activated regionally or statewide, depending on information known to law enforcement at the time.

For a Blue Alert activation to occur, a law enforcement officer must have been killed, seriously wounded, or missing while in the line of duty. According to a release from the DPS, the legislature established Blue Alert in 2015. The Blue Alert system has not been activated since its inception.

The BCA is testing the system Thursday at 1:10PM to ensure it activates as expected, and to help Minnesotans become familiar with what they would see and hear if a Blue Alert was issued.


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