Red Lake Watershed District Plans to Release Water Amid “Critical Situation”


The Red Lake Watershed District Annual Report was presented to Pennington County Commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday morning at the Justice Center in downtown Thief River Falls.

Watershed District Administrator Myron Jesme says the area received more than ten inches of rain in September. He says the average for the month is around two inches. Jesme says more than 22 inches has been recorded at his office in Thief River Falls since April of this year, well over the annual average.

Jesme says the situation has become critical in some areas. He says the district released water at an emergency level Sunday. He says more water will need to be released, and says it couldn’t come at a worse time for farmers.

Jesme says the plan is next to release water from the Moose River Impoundment, upstream of Grygla. He says it takes between 30 and 50 days to get water out of the Impoundment.

He called that “not a lot of time before the winter freeze.”


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