Highway 1 & 59 construction


Joe McKinnon from the Bemidji MN Department of Transportation was back to the council meeting Monday night.

Two weeks ago, McKinnon explained some changes to the Hwy 1 & 59  construction. The DOT is looking at three round-a-bouts; one at Brooks, at Barzen and Hwy 59. They made some slight changes but did not want to make any changes that some residents wanted done. 


If they had to make changes it would mean bids wouldn’t be made until May and construction would then not start until July. It would they be a two year project and make it more expensive to the city of Thief River Falls.


The MNDOT has a four-year, 16 city rotation for N.W. Minnesota. The talks started in 2016, last winter’s preliminary designs were shown to the business owners and residents of Thief River Falls, and a public hearing was held.

Talks with business owners along Hwy 1 have many concerns.


Three members Prudhome, Aarstead and Brown voted no on this project however it did receive approval. Cost to the City of Thief River Falls will be 1,268,000.


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