Top ten weather events past decade (1st half)


The 1st major weather event of the decade occurred when 39 distinct tornadoes struck on June 17, 2010. This event included the Holmes ND EF4, Wadena MN EF4, Almora-Bluffton MN EF4, and Mentor MN EF3 tornadoes. There were over 75 distinct tornadoes over the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest on this day. 


The 2nd major weather event of the 2010s was devastating spring-summer flooding across the Red River and Devils Lake Basins and its tributaries in 2011. By mid April, the Red River had crested at both Fargo and Grand Forks with USGS streamgauges recording the top 5 highest crests years, and a record peak flow measured on the Sheyenne River at Harwood. Overall, the 2011 Water Year ended with a record volume of flow on the Red River measured at all gauge points from Wahpeton through Winnipeg.


The 3rd major weather event of the 2010s was a series of 10 blizzards that occurred in the Red River Valley from December 2013 to March 2014. This region averages around 2-3 blizzards per year.


The 4th major weather event of the 2010s concerns the dry spring and protracted spring wildfire season across the Northern Plains and west-central Canada in 2015. Our immediate area had an early thaw and quite dry early spring period, punctuated with some dramatic local wildfires. West-central Canada remained quite dry into the summer, with numerous large forest fires generating a smoke curtain which descended into the area from late June into July.


The 5th major weather event of the 2010s was a series of at least 19 tornadoes that occurred on June 27, 2015. Luckily, most of the tornadoes occurred over open country with no known structural damage, resulting in EF0 to EF2 ratings. Thunderstorms also brought damaging hail up to tea cup/large apple size during this event. (National Weather Service)


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