Top ten weather events past decade (2nd Half)


The 6th major weather event of the 2010s was a widespread blizzard occurring on December 5-7, 2016. This storm brought over a foot of snow to much of northeast North Dakota and whiteout conditions to most of the region.


The 7th major weather event of the 2010s brought a powerful blizzard to eastern North Dakota and the northern Red River Valley and an ice storm to northwest and west central Minnesota and the southern Red River Valley on Christmas Day 2016.

The 8th major weather event of the 2010s was an exceptional cold Arctic air outbreak across the Northern and Central Plains that brought record breaking cold temperatures in the -30s and life threatening wind chills in the -60s.

The 9th major weather event of the 2010s is a two parter!  The first part was a historic blizzard that brought several feet of snow and winds gusting up to 60 mph across portions of eastern ND and several inches of rain and lighter snow to northwest and west central MN this past Fall .The second part was the December 28-30, 2019 Blizzard that brought 12 to 18 inches of snow along with winds up to around 50 mph to much of eastern North Dakota and parts of west central and northwest Minnesota.

The final major weather event of the 2010s was the record wet fall season of 2019. It started with a major September flash flood event across much of eastern ND. This event, when combined with other heavy rainfall episodes plus the previously mentioned “historic” October Blizzard and it’s subsequent melt/runoff, all contributed to major river flooding across most of the Red River Basin. Most river gage locations north of Fargo-Moorhead posted record Fall season (Sep/Oct/Nov) flood levels.  Fall harvest was severely impacted, with crop losses in potatoes, sugar beets, beans, and corn likely to range into the billions of dollars once assessments are completed. (National Weather Service)


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