I don’t mind the Snow!
Anyone who knows me, or has listened to me over the years, knows by now that I DO NOT LIKE TO MOW! Sorry for shouting. I have never liked mowing. Sure I can appreciate the aesthetic reasons for keeping your lawn well manicured. But most of the time, I find it just a tedious chore that could be best done every other time…or by someone else. It’s usually warm, humid, sometimes dusty, and almost always accompanied by a host of mosquitoes/nats to compound my misery.
The other issue with summer chores is that I could be doing something else; like taking endless rides on my motorcycle, sipping ice tea on my deck, or napping.
I don’t mind the snow, or moving it. There’s a certain satisfaction in firing-up my snowblower and methodically moving the snow from point A to point B. Even pushing my shovel across my driveway, I find myself calculating where my next push should go.
When you dress for the occasion, the cold isn’t so bad. I often work up a sweat just getting in to my bibs and boots. NO mosquitoes and the satisfaction of a clean driveway, at least for a while.
I find my biggest issue with the snow is its timing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m lazy and would just as soon not snow blow either. But having a choice – I would say good bye mower and hello blower! So I really don’t mind the snow.


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