Deer movement ban and farmed deer


Nolan Porter’s Trophy Whitetail exhibit plans to show his trophy bucks at the St. Paul sportsmen’s show, despite an emergency rule the Minnesota DNR issued last month that temporarily prohibits the movement of all white-tailed deer within the state.

The DNR issued the 30-day rule Monday, December 23rd, after chronic wasting disease was discovered in a farmed, white-tailed deer herd in Douglas County.

Steve Porter of Lake Bronson defied the emergency rule Tuesday when he trailered deer from his trophy whitetail farm to St. Paul. He said he believes the DNR doesn’t have the authority to regulate domestic deer, which are classified as livestock and regulated by the Board of Animal Health.

Porter said he asked the DNR for a permit allowing him to transport his trophy bucks to St. Paul for the show but was told there would be no exceptions to the emergency rule. When Porter arrived at his destination,d two DNR conservation officers told him he’d be receiving a ticket for a misdemeanor violation in the mail within the next 10 days.


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