Douglas Place administrator arrest


Charges are pending after staff at the East Grand Forks treatment center refuse a search warrant 

An administrator at an East Grand Forks treatment center is being charged after she refused to comply with a search warrant. But the warrant might not meet standards set out in federal law and the confrontation may be part of a larger problem between the arresting officer and the center itself.

Amber Hardtke, Director of Douglas Place a housing and addiction treatment center was arrested and faces a pair of misdemeanor charges for obstructing the legal process. Those charges are expected to be dismissed and could be replaced by a felony pending review by the Polk county attorney’s office.

Hardtke and Carly Carlson were approached at the center on Wednesday, January 22nd by Cpl. Jake Thompson and Ofc. Gilbert Trevino who had an apprehension and detention order for a patient at the center. They did not confirm or deny whether the patient was there citing federal privacy laws.

The next afternoon Det. Sgt Tony Hart and Lt. Rod Hajicek returned with a search warrant for the patient’s intake and discharge paperwork and Hardtke declined citing federal laws. After communication between Polk county attorney Cliff Wardlaw and staff at Douglas place, Wardlaw instructed the officers to arrest Hardtke, who was released that evening.


Leaders at Meridian Behavioral Health which operates Douglas Place and 22 other facilities are considering a lawsuit.


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