Snowmobile Safety


Officials are warning that there has been an increase in snowmobile fatalities in Minnesota.

For the last three years the numbers have been increasing from three in 2017 to five in 2018, and 10 in 2019.

 Some good snowmobile safety tips include: check the weather and trail conditions, avoid alcohol, never ride alone, let somebody know where you are going, have a plan, and let them know when you are going to return. Also, stay on trails and watch your speed.

Speed, alcohol and nighttime driving are the three main reasons for the accidents that are seen by law enforcement.

If you are driving at night and traveling faster than 40mph you are actually¬† overriding your headlights, which means by the time you see an object, it’s too late for you to stop and you will hit that object.


Remember that in Minnesota it is required that you have snowmobile safety education if you are born after December 31st, 1976. It is recommended that everyone no matter their age attend a safety course.


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