Fosston lane reduction?


A proposal to reduce the number of lanes on U.S. Hwy 2 as it passes through Fosston worries local businesses.

Fosston businesses and owners claim reducing the number of lanes could lead to congestion that would make travelers less likely to stop at shops and restaurants. In response to these concerns more than 500 people have signed a petition opposing a city proposal to reduce the road from four lanes to two with a middle turn lane.


MNDOT officials said three lanes would be safer for pedestrians to cross and that the changes likely won’t affect lake season traffic.

Officials with the MNDOT said traffic would have to double on Hwy 2 to create a congestion problem and proposed lane reduction would improve safety on the road.

Business owners hope the city of Fosston and MNDOT will make some smaller changes that won’t include reducing lanes including installing radar speed detectors and crosswalks with rapid-flashing beacons.


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