During the best of times Radio is a great source of entertainment and information.  During the worst of times Radio continues to be a great source, but something interesting happens at a Radio Station during a crisis.  Radio Responds!  

Radio Responds immediately!  No waiting for ink to dry, no waiting for the 5pm newscast, no waiting for the mail to arrive.
Thief River Falls Radio is proud of our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We quickly responded not only to meet the needs of our listeners, but also of our valued business clients.   Providing information on the air, on our Facebook page, our website and through our text line.
And people are still listening.  According to Nielsen: 83% Of Americans are ‘Spending the Same Or More Time’ With Radio Due To COVID-19.  The online survey shows consumers hold radio in high regard with 60% of Adults 18+ saying they trust radio to give timely information about the coronavirus.
It’s interesting that the delivery method has changed (on line, apps, Alexa, etc.) but the service hasn’t.  Our content is factual, accurate and immediate.  Radio DELIVERS!.
I can think back to recent events where we (KTRF/TRF Radio) mobilized in response to disaster.  The ’97 Flood and 9/11 come to mind.  We provided information and a friendly voice that our listeners have relied on.   I’m sure since the power was turned on to the KTRF transmitter back in January of 1947, up to today, the list of responses would be long.  And we remain committed to serving the public.
It is often quoted that this is ‘the new normal’.  I won’t argue it’s going to be different moving forward, I’m not sure it will be the new normal.  Almost all of us were very comfortable the way it was before.  There will be road blocks and tough times to come.  Lessons will be learned, but American resolve and ingenuity will triumph.
We’re proud of our community, Thief River Falls and Northwest Minnesota.  We’re proud to call you our friends and neighbors.  We will continue to provide a trusting voice as we move through this season.


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