Thief River Falls School Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic


Superintendent Bergstrom gave an update to the School Board about the Covid-19.

The superintendent told the school board that they have been serving over 800 meals for breakfast and lunch, and they are looking at working with the food shelf on serving meals for the children on the weekends.


Daycare for Tier 1 and Tier 2 parents has slowed some with more parents working from home, Tier 2 numbers were 37 students on Monday.


Each day the superintendent receives updates from the Minnesota Department of Education and from other superintendents, and he then updates staff and the community.


They have been gathering information from families on internet, with classes going over the internet starting Monday, March 30th. This week on the school messenger parents will be told when to come to the schools to pick up materials, books. Teachers and staff will be available from 7:45am to 3:45 for students and parents.


Superintendent Bergstrom also put it out to the school board that they are looking at trying to get internet to the families. There are four servers in the county, and they will be offering deals to families, but one thing that is needed is a credit card. 




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