COVID-19 Bullet Points


Governor Tim Walz has extended the closure of schools, bars, restaurants and other business indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is NO shelter-in-place order as of today.

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota increased by 27 since Monday to  262 as reported by the Minnesota Department of Health as of 3-25-2020 at 6:20 am. There have been approximately 5812 completed tests submitted to the MDH Public Health Lab. One death due to the COVID-19 pandemic was reported March 19th. The deceased was a person in their eighties.  During last night’s (3-24-2020) county board meeting, Board Chairman Darryl Tveitbakk informed us that 2 cases have been confirmed in Walsh County, the county seat there is Grafton, North Dakota. Pennington County offices will continue to lock their doors through April 10th, although there will still be employees to staff the buildings.


Of all confirmed cases, only 21 have required hospitalization, Of those 21, there are 15 still hospitalized today. On the Minnesota Department of Health website there are no statistics for people who are recovered, There is, however, a statistic for “patients who no longer need to be isolated” and that number is 88. Expressed as a percentage that means that 34 percent of the confirmed cases no longer need isolation, as determined by the Minnesota Department of Health. During Tuesday night’s Pennington County Board meeting, Emergency Manager Erik Beitel informed us that there are no confirmed cases in Pennington County, however there have been 13 people tested. 3 of these tests were negative, while the other 10 have not been processed yet.


Counties with confirmed cases closest to Northwest Minnesota would include six confirmations in Minnesota, Those cases include;  three in Clay County, 1 in Cass and 2 in St Louis County. There are also 21 confirmed or probable cases in Manitoba, 17 of which are in Winnipeg.


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