Pennington County Board part one


The Pennington County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday (3-24-2020) night at the Pennington County Justice Center. The board was careful to never have more than 10 people in the room at any one time.   The County Commissioners also made the decision to meet every Thursday during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an electronic meeting option offered.This practice will begin April-2-2020 and continue until the COVID-19 pandemic is done.  Also, county office doors will remain locked although there will be staff in each building through April 10th. The Law Enforcement Center lobby will remain open.

 Julie Sjostrand, Human Services Director,went through her consent agenda which included bills and their agenda. She also noted a certificate of approval that was presented to social worker Amy Nelson.


Mike Flaagan, County Engineer, reported that he’d opened bids for culverts, fuel and equipment rental bids. True North had the only culvert bid and was approved as were the rental bids. Northdale Oil and Cenex had submitted bids that offered the same price, 10 cents under pump price, and so both bids were accepted and the County Engineer’s office will divide fuel business between the two.


The County Engineer received the bid for the Westside drainage project from RJ Zavoral which was $6,632,761. County Engineer Flaagen also presented on the Roundabout at Highway 1 & 59. Project cost will be $464,000 of which federal aid will pay $391, 000. And state aid will pay 

$78,0000-which was approved. 

Flaagen also updated the commissioners on the bridge. Concrete pours are done on the west pier of the bridge meanwhile meanwhile the east pier has been poured the footing and stem meanwhile the cap has yet to be installed.





TheCoffer dam is out, all the underwater work is done. After the second pier cap is installed, there is a curing period after which they set the beams across the span. The piers are protected by rip-rip and so they will not be affected by ice flow.

Next county board meeting will be April 2nd.


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