Minnesota COVID-19 Cases Increase by 73


Total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota increased by  73 since Sunday to 576 cases reported as of today (3-30-2020) as reported by the Minnesota Department of Health. 1165 additional tests were completed since yesterday (3-29-2020)  for a total of 18,822 total tests. These include tests from both the Minnesota Department of Public Health Lab and other outside laboratories.



Ten people have now died in Minnesota due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an increase of one since Sunday. Of the 576 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 92 required hospitalization. Of those 92 hospitalized people, 56 still hospitalized today-24 of them required placement at an intensive care unit. 

Pennington County has zero confirmed cases as of this weekend(3-30-2020.)  34 patients have been tested of which 26 tests were negative. Authorities await results on the remaining tests.


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