Thief River Falls Police make Birthday Drive-by!


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken away a lot of nice traditions because of the need for social distancing. It’s good when some of those traditions can be restored, even if it means using a different method. 

The Thief River Falls Police Department was recently approached by a grandmother who wanted to make her grandchild’s birthday special.

Deputy Chief Jaeger Bellows with some happy children

We spoke with Deputy Chief Jaeger Bellows and he mentioned how so much of a child’s birthday depends on friends and family which is currently prevented by social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Thief River Falls Police will drive by your elementary-age child’s birthday and sound their squad car sirens. They have plans to perhaps offer even a few more things. It is a great way to remind a child that it is their very special day.

Officer Ben Tureson making someone’s day!

The Thief River Falls Police Department has already had a request for a birthday visit which they fulfilled on Wednesday. We asked Deputy Chief Bellows how parents should contact the police department in order to set-up the special visit.  He said people should call him at 218-683-7074.


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