Minnesota Department of Health says 154 New Covid-19 Cases


There are 2721 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota as of  today,(4-22-2020) an increase of 154 since Tuesday (4-21-2020) as reported by the Minnesota Department of Health. 

1647 additional tests were completed since Tuesday for a total of 49, 344  tests. Of the 2721 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 660 patients required hospitalization, 240 are still hospitalized and 107 still require intensive care as of today. 1317 of the patients with COVID-19 no longer need to be isolated.

 179 of the patients with confirmed cases have died, this is an increase of 19 people since yesterday .There were 18 deaths reported on Tuesday due to Covid-19, of these 18 deaths, 14 occurred at long-term care facilities. 

  78 of Minnesota’s 87 counties now have the presence of at least one case of COVID-19,this number has not increased since yesterday (4-21-2020)


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