Representative Dan Fabian on Covid-19 and Business


Governor Tim Walz issued a two week “Stay at Home” order on March 25th that began March 27th. During that time he also extended the order closing Minnesota schools through May 4th and the order that closed bars, restaurants, and a number of other businesses until May 1st. We spoke recently with District 1A Representative Dan Fabian and asked him about a business community that is hurting right now in Minnesota.

We then asked Representative Fabian what the legislature can do in Minnesota to help business. 

Finally, liquor is now available with “to-go” orders. This was not due to an executive order but rather legislative action followed by Governor Walz’s signature.

Under the law signed on Friday: licensed restaurants can sell the equivalent of a six-pack of beer or a standard bottle of wine without acquiring an off-sale license. The alcohol must be sold with a to-go order. Food deliveries still can’t include alcohol and the person picking up the order must be at least 21 years old.

The law would expire when the executive order closing establishments expires.


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