A Special May Day for Kids

Shelby Erickson delivering some May Day fun!

An essential part of standing strong during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been looking for a little help. When we think of helpers, there are few we admire more than those who help the kids. Here’s the 2020 Miss Thief River Falls, Shelby Erickson,


Making May Day baskets is a touching way to let kids know they are remembered and special. 2020 Miss Thief River Falls is delivering May Day baskets to children on May 1st.This is a large undertaking so we asked Shelby if she had any help,

May Day traditions go back centuries and gifts have taken many forms. When we asked Erickson about the gift bag she was giving, we found out that it was a May Day gift that would also give back

Shelby told us her delivery area for May Day baskets is quite large and had even received a request from East Grand Forks, although that was a little too far to go.  Shelby has received 50 requests for May Day baskets for delivery on Friday, so far,  and is hoping for more requests.


Finally as Miss Thief River Falls, we asked Shelby Erickson how this project ties in to her title.

If you would like a May Day bag delivery for your child this Friday, contact Shelby through her Facebook page, Miss Thief River Falls 2020- Shelby Erickson.


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