Westside Flood Reduction Project-Part III


There is a large, multi-tiered project going on in and around Thief River Falls right now. The project involves several different agencies including Pennington County, the city of Thief RIver Falls, the Pennington Soil and Water Conservation District, the Red Lake Watershed District and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. One large piece of the project is the Westside Flood Reduction Project. We spoke recently with Myron Jesme, Administrator at the Red Lake Watershed District. We asked him to tell us about the scope and size of the project.

The Westside bypass has seemed to focus on one end of the project and then the next. We asked Jesme to explain the sequence.


Finally, we asked the Red Lake Watershed Administrator to talk about the outlet for the bypass on the east side of Highway 32, just south of 140th Street Northeast.

Tomorrow we will focus on the combined use of the new bypass and making current ditches larger. If you would like to see more detail, including maps, of this project-check out the combined project map by searching Thief River Falls DOT Project.



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