What is the new normal? What will happen the day after COVID-19?
The new normal is a phrase that has been tossed around since mid-March with the arrival the Coronavirus.

At first the contemplation was what life would be life after COVID and then what life may become with COVID-19.

Even the pioneers of this country had to have the same thoughts. Facing obstetricals, some from nature and some man made, that altered the course of their lives and history itself.
Our history as a people is dotted with catastrophic events from the beginning of time to now.

We are fortunate, these events, while devastating in their own right, don’t happen all at once.

Even in the last century, Americans have prevailed over life changing events; from the Great Depression, World War, other epidemics, and terrorist actions on our own soil.
For each of these terrible, history altering events, there was a day after, and that day after wasn’t anything like the day before.

What history also tells us is that we are a nation of great resolve. Tomorrow will be different, and in short order we will learn to do different. We get immunizations, we avoid dangerous areas of the world, we stand in line and get scanned at an airport, we wear face masks.

The new normal will soon be the way that we’ve always done it. The pandemic crisis will be another chapter of our history book. The future will soon enough bring another event that will have long lasting implications.

Decades of relative comfort make it hard, but we will survive. Life after, will be just that, life.  We will survive, hopefully for the better.


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