The Norske Challenge


The mission of those who make masks at home has become pretty well known in the area. These people have spent the last many weeks at sewing machines in an effort to keep others safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. This process has now become part of a challenge-the Norske Challenge-Let’s Mask the Trolls. Here’s one of the mask-makers, Darlene Hulteen.

That’s the story of making the masks. Others have noticed the effort and came up with a fundraising idea. We asked Darlene Hulten how the idea started.

This series of events, combined with a deep generosity,  became the Norskie Challenge.

The challenge was to adopt a troll so the troll may receive a protective mask and create funds for making masks for area humans. We asked Hulteen if anyone else has joined the Norskie Challenge,

Finally, we asked Hulteen how people can take up the Norskie Challenge.

You can also make donations at the Northern State Bank. The account is under “TRF Mask Makers.”


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