Mass Testing reveals more Positive Subcontractor Cases of Covid-19


Last Friday,(5-29-2020)  Digi-Key Electronics was notified by one of the primary contractors working on the distribution center expansion project that a subcontractor had 8 team members who had tested positive for COVID-19. In a joint decision between Digi-Key and the contractor KNAPP decided to take all precautions to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection and suspended activities until this past Tuesday.


Overnight, the Inter County Nursing Service released information that they are seeing a large number of positive cases, among quarantined contract employees at the Digi-Key expansion project, as a result of mass testing. Inter-County Nursing Service has been actively involved in the response in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health and Sanford Health. The testing of the contract employees began on Monday (6/1/20) and continued through Thursday, during which they had already been quarantined.  Inter-County nursing is seeing a large number of positive cases as a result of this mass testing and anticipate the numbers to climb in the next few days. 


The situation is believed to be contained following contact tracing and the action to quarantine the contractor unit.


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