Use of Masks and Source Control

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention image

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused anxiety and confusion. The proper use of a mask or the reason for using a mask has seemed to cause confusion-in some cases it has even caused ideological arguments. Kayla Jore-Director of Inter-County Nursing recently spoke with Thief River Falls Radio and shed some light on the use of masks. We started with N95 masks.


So N95 masks, or respirators are something you might see more often in a health care setting to prevent the wearer from breathing in a virus. Now, an infected person could be a source of infection so this is where “source control” comes into play. Here again is Jore.

Since N95 masks aren’t widely available, many area residents began wearing a cloth mask. The cloth masks keep virus droplets from traveling from one person to the other.

So cloth masks work, particularly if everyone uses them. They may not protect the wearer from breathing in a virus however it may prevent droplets leaving the mouth of an infected person. This is one time when people need to rely on the actions of others to keep them safe.

More information is available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.


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