Team Bowen 5K Walk


June is National CMV (cytomegalovirus) month; CMV is a common virus, and most people will be infected at some point in their lives. The virus is usually harmless, but the impact can be devastating to immunocompromised individuals, as well as to babies infected before birth. 


Women who are infected with the virus during pregnancy can pass the virus to their unborn child, this is called congenital CMV. . The only way to prevent CMV is through using good hygiene measures during pregnancy and while planning a pregnancy.


 Team Bowen is made up of family and friends of Bowen  Zawchenuk (ZAW-SHEN-UCK)   a little boy who was born with congenital CMV. Bowen is 13 months old and has been through a lot due to the CMV. He is currently busy with physical therapy and feeding therapy, and soon speech therapy.


On Saturday June 27th at 9:00 AM, Bowen’s family and friends are joining together in a virtual 5K walk to raise awareness for CMV.  If you want to join us you can go to:

If you are unable to join us, we have started a fundraiser. All funds will be donated to the National CMV Foundation. The link is :



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