If You Haven’t Received your License Tabs Yet


 Minnesotans who mailed in their registration renewal, have not received their tabs due to processing delays and contacted the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division  about the issue will receive a verification letter via email to use as proof of registration renewal until their tabs arrive. 


Driver and vehicle services have also notified law enforcement that some Minnesotans will not receive their registration stickers before they are required to display the tabs on their license plates. Minnesota law requires Minnesotans to renew vehicle registration by the last day of the expiration month and display the new tabs by the tenth day of the month following the expiration month. 


Driver and vehicles services is experiencing processing delays for some vehicle registration renewals that were submitted by mail in recent weeks. Additional processing is required when a mailed-in renewal includes payment for the wrong amount, requires an address change or is missing information/ DVS staff was unable to process these particular renewals because staff was telecommuting and did not have access to the mailed-in documents.


There are approximately 7,700 mailed-in registration renewals dating back to May 11 that require additional processing.The majority of mailed-in registration renewals are not affected. Since January, DPS-DVS has processed approximately 94,000 mailed-in registrations each month. DPS-DVS processed approximately 54,000 mailed-in registrations per month last year. 


Anyone who mailed in their registration renewal more than two weeks ago and has not received their tabs should contact DPS-DVS using the Report Registration Tabs Not Received to receive a verification letter.


Affected Minnesotans who reported they have not received their tabs should receive their verification letter via email and can carry that letter with them in their vehicle. They should present the letter to law enforcement officers in the event they are stopped for expired tabs. The verification letters expire Aug. 31.


DPS-DVS expects to mail all delayed registration tabs within four to six weeks. There are 21 driver and vehicle services employees dedicated to the mailed-in registrations that required additional processing. These types of renewals typically require only 2-3 employees to process. 


Minnesotans who need to renew their vehicle registration can still go to an open deputy registrar office, register online at drive.mn.gov or mail the vehicle registration by sending the bottom half of the renewal notice with a check or money order for the total amount shown on the renewal notice made payable to DVS Renewal to:

​DVS Renewal

​PO Box 64587

​St. Paul, MN 55164-0587

  • ​DPS-DVS processes mailed-in renewals within one to five business days after receipt and tabs should arrive within 21 days.



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