Active Thief River Falls Police on Friday


Two reports from last Friday, July 10th, are on this edition of the Law Enforcement Center report. 

Friday afternoon at 2:43, Thief River Falls Police responded to a report from Delwin Johnson Junior, at 1227 Stephen Street. Johnson reported that Jesus Narvaiz was violating a Harassment Restraining Order and that a fight had also started. Police responded to the call and arrested Jesus Narvaiz-age 42 of Thief River Falls- for Violation of a Harassment Order and 5th Degree Assault.

Frailan Narvaiz, age 42 of Thief River Falls.

Also arrested was Frailan  Narvaiz-age 42 of Thief River Falls-was also charged with 5th Degree Assault and arrested on an Probation Arrest and Detain hold. Frailan Narvaiz remains in the custody of the Pennington County Jail.


Friday afternoon at 3:24, a Pennington County Sheriff’s Office investigation resulted in charges. Enoch Evenson-age 43 of Thief River Falls-was charged with two counts of 5th Degree controlled substance crimes after he was found in possession  of Methamphetamine and Psilocybin (sy-lah-SY-bin). Psilocybin is a is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug compound produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms, which has mind-altering effects similar, in some aspects, to those of LSD.


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