County Board Part 1


The Pennington County Commissioners met Tuesday morning at 10. The meeting occurred in person at the Justice Center and was also offered in a Zoom meeting.


The agenda began with County Engineer Mike Flaagen who displayed some pictures of the new bridge currently under construction over the Red Lake River. A delay in construction has occurred because of problems moving steel beams into position. There are 7 beams between each pier which are 117 feet long. Part of the process is laying expansion and contraction pads between the concrete pier and the steel beams so that each beam can float separately. The beams are in their second day of installation today (7-15-2020).  Flaagen also reported that the Highway 32 roundabout concrete is done and all work should be completed so that the roundabout can open on the August 1st.  Concrete work is planned for the Challenger roundabout next week. Country Engineer Flaagen mentioned that COvid-19 and the weather has slowed progress on Highway 1 and there is still another 2-3 weeks left before the Barzen and Brooks roundabouts are finished. Commissioner Cody Hempel gave Flaagen an opportunity to speak to concerns he’s heard about the size of the Highway 32 roundabout for semis and the County Engineer said that he has no concerns and the size will be fine.

Next County Board meeting is July 28th at 5 pm.


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