Strange Seeds Update


UPDATE: We continue to receive reports of citizens getting unsolicited seed packages in the mail. To date, over 700 Minnesotans have made reports to the department.

The packages have contained a variety of seeds. Seed analysts with the MDA Laboratory have identified some as cosmos, radish, mung bean, juniper, basil, cucurbit, and zinnia. While these are not seeds from invasive plants, seeds may carry disease and pests can hide in packaging. So far, there is no indication these unsolicited seeds have gone through appropriate inspection or that they are properly labeled.

Minnesotans should do the following if they have received unsolicited packages of seeds.

– Save the seeds and the package they came in, including the mailing label.
– Do not open the seed packets.
– Do not plant any of the seed.
– If the packets are already opened, place all materials (seeds and packaging) into a tightly sealed plastic bag.
– Contact the MDA through this form:

More info can be found here:…


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